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Do you want to lose some weight? 
Do you just want to tone up? 
Are you not motivated enough to keep going to the gym? 
Do you just want to get fitter? 
Personal Trainer Northampton
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Exercising on a regular basis and eating well are known to make everyone healthier and fitter, although in this day and age that can feel easier said than done especially with busy lifestyles. 
How many people sign up to gyms but very rarely go because you need self motivation to actually get there. My personal training clients say it is easier to come to see me, as they have an appointment at a certain time so are more likely to make sure they come to the personal training session. 
Exercise is a very personal thing. No two people are 
the same and as a personal trainer, I tailor each training sessions at my studio in Northampton to each client’s needs and capabilities, and I am also very keen to improve my skills and knowledge, so I am always looking for new personal trainer courses to attend to develop my skills further. 


Taekwondo Classes Northampton
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Mission Statement 

Through the vehicle of Tae-Kwon Do, The Approach and Personal Training I create a special environment that people benefit from. 

Personal Trainer Northampton
I don’t use treadmills or most of the equipment that you will find in a gym, in my Northampton personal training studio, because if someone wants to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes then why would you want a personal trainer? 
All of my personal training sessions will be creative and interesting, either focusing on whole body workout or focusing on specific areas that need strengthening or developing. Personal training sessions will be different from one session to the next to ensure that you as a client don’t get bored of doing the same thing all the time. 
All personal training sessions will increase your heart rate, this makes you feel more alive and more energetic and reduce the risk of developing health issues, from a range of respiratory to heart problems and also can reduce stress. 
If your looking for a Personal Trainer or would like to join my Taekwondo club in Northampton, please call me on 07854 701385 or alternatively click here to complete my short contact form. 
Personal Trainer, Northampton
Personal Trainer Northampton
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Personal Trainer Northampton
Personal Training Northampton
Personal Training 
Taekwondo Classes Northampton
Taekwondo Northampton
Personal Training Northampton
Personal Trainer Northampton

 If your looking for a Personal Trainer or Taekwondo Classes in Northampton please call me on 07854 701385 or alternatively click here to complete my short contact form.  

  Andy Jackson, Personal Trainer, Taekwondo classes and Self Defence Workshops in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

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