June 2018 was the mark of 34 years of my journey through Taekwondo, it also marks 18 years of running my own Taekwondo school. 
I became a personal trainer in 2005, where my life changed forever and has been steaming ahead on a journey that I could never have imagined. 
Since qualifying as a personal trainer, I continued to develop my skills by completing courses as I understand the importance to continually developing and have achieved a number of specialist Level 4 courses. 
I also achieved a massive personal goal in 2012 when I took on my first unit, meaning that I had my own Do Jang for my School of Taekwondo, the following year, I had a second unit, so I could then also have a separate studio solely for personal training. 
I met Eddie Quinn at a workshop in 2012 held by a fellow Martial Artist, where Eddie was teaching The Approach Self Protection Method. A year later after a lot of thought I decided to become an Approach instructor, as I found the simplicity and effectiveness of it, was very easy to learn for people that didn’t want to learn a Martial Art and I have continued with the Approach training ever since, including becoming a Level 2 Instructor. 
For my Taekwondo, I am currently studying under Grand Master Hopwood in preparation for my 8th Degree Black Belt. Alongside GM Hopwood I also study Silat Fitrah under Guru Eddie Quinn as a private student once a week in Birmingham and attend his monthly class, where I love being a student amongst fellow students. 
For my personal training, I also see Stuart McDonald, who is my personal trainer at his personal training studio True Fitness in Birmingham every week, it is through Stuart that I met Paul Gray and I now also study under Paul through his online mentorship program, alongside courses at his premises in Durham. 
To view Eddie Quinn’s website, please click here 
To view GM Hopwood’s website, please click here 
To view Paul Gray’s website, please click here 
To view Stuart's Facebook Page, please click here 


Diploma in Personal Training 
Level 4 Specialist Mental Health in Excercise Referral 
Level 4 Exercise for Management of Lower Back Pain 
Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management 
Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation 
AFM Coach Level 1 
I Flows Coach Level 1 
First Aid 
7th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt 
The Approach Level 2 Instructor 
Level 3 BTEC Self Defence Instruction 
Level 3 BTEC in Conflict Management 
KEWAP Senior Instructor 
Level 1 Silat Fitrah 

My Values 


 If your looking for a Personal Trainer or Taekwondo Classes in Northampton please call me on 07854 701385 or alternatively click here to complete my short contact form.  

  Andy Jackson, Personal Trainer, Taekwondo classes and Self Defence Workshops in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

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